Dogaholic: Person addicted to dogs; madmen of the dogs; human who would do anything for his dear companion.


Dogaholic is a brand created by dogaholics and for Dogaholics.

What started with designing and manufacturing collars for our own dogs, has now developed into a brand that stands for its exclusive and unique dog accessories. Not only focused on functionality and comfort, also on the latest fashion trends, to make the perfect stylish match between dog and owner. We believe that creating finest quality products by hand with love and attention to detail, makes the big difference.


Today almost everything is mass-produced, in huge quantities, fast and cheap, without limits. In our society, greed has made us forget about our Planet and the ethical values. Good marketing strategies make us blind and in most cases, we have no idea how and under which conditions products have been produced.

We don’t want to be part of this.

We want our customers to have exclusive and unique pieces, produced in fair working conditions with a sustainable mind. Our products are made by real people. We are passionate about our work, so each piece is made with love, care and attention to detail. To guarantee the best quality, every single piece is traditionally handcrafted in our Atelier. With this advantage we can also customize products to our clients needs.

Most of our accessories are made out of leather and we value leather a lot. That is why we make our products only out of leather leftovers. Using bits and pieces of leather that are leftovers of others, sometimes can be quite challenging but we truly enjoy this challenge. It is much more creative, unique pieces are created and it is a way of caring more about our environment.

And this is why most Dogaholic items are only available in limited edition. You will definitely have an unique product!


In a world where fast fashion and cheap production is the norm, our mission is to get people to treasure and support more the artisanal processes that we believe luxury should stand for.