As you might already know, Dogaholic accessories are limited edition because we only use leather leftovers to make our products. Using bits and pieces of leather that are leftovers of others, sometimes can be quite challenging but in this way unique pieces are created with a sustainable mind. The availability of a leather piece is limited, we only have one piece of the exact same leather. Basic coloured leather pieces such as black we can mostly find but the extravagant printed leather pieces are impossible to find twice.

Please note, the thickness, flexibility and leather type may vary between our products.

We believe that your dog only deserves the best, finest quality products which are handmade in Germany with a sustainable mind. About Dogaholic >>


The products of Dogaholic are made out of leather and should not be fully exposed to water, try to take off the collar if your dog wants to go for a swim. Keep the items out of direct sunlight when storing, the leather fades naturally over time, but sunlight speeds up that progress.

No Dogaholic product should be put in the washing machine or dryer. If your item gets wet, allow it to air dry on a flat surface. Do not use a hair dryer to speed the drying, when leather gets wet and heated right away, it can shrink and dry out quickly. If you need to clean a mark on your item, spot wash it with a damp cloth and let it air dry.

Dogaholic hardware includes snap hooks, buckles, rings and D rings. The gold colored hardware which is made out of solid brass. We recommend it to be cleaned with a brass cleaner found at your local grocery store. Simply polish the hardware as it is said in the instructions on the bottle and watch your hardware come back to life, solid brass always comes back to its original color. The silver coloured hardware needs no special care, it stays the same.

All the golden chains of Dogaholic are gold plated with 24 karat gold.